Project Description

With Definition series we put the bar higher than ever. Great audio, design and finishing to suit the most discerning.

Definition DM-6 is a large bookshelf speaker with extremely good sound and equipped with a 6.5-inch base that plays in a large cabinet. This cabinet can very well manage stereo speakers, without having to connect to a sub-woofer. If you want a speaker which is completely neutral, then this is the model for you, whether you are creating your own music or you just like to listen to music – as it should be heard.

Definition Series was constructed for the customers to provide high quality sound which they have missed in the speaker world. The result has been a very exclusive speaker, which also has a high sensitivity. Ribbon tweeter, ‘bullet-proof’-kevlar boss, x-change terminal and painted baffle totaling 33 mm front and rear are just some of the many features of the new series. This is simply a speaker that fits into the most discerning, at a price to suit everyone.


Subsequently everyone has different sound epitome like audio files – Definition is also  equipped with an X-change terminal. At the top of the terminal so you can find the 3 extra gold-plated contacts. These are used to fine-tune the critical mid-range area for your own taste. You can choose between -2 dB / 0 dB / +2 dB / +4 dB. The fact that this area is changed, accordingly changes the whole character of the speaker. You can avoid contriving to change the bass / treble controls on the amplifier to the sound you prefer.

Attribute Specification
Type 2 Way 3 drive unit system – surround Speaker
Construction MDF Vinyl cabinet Coated paint glossy piani finish front
Acoustical Loading Sealed infinite baffle
Tweeter Hi frequency unit 1 x Ribbon Tweeter 1 x Softdome tweeter1" 25mm
Bass/Mid-range 1 X 6.5 (165 mm) made in the 'bullet-proof'-kevlar giving a thin lightweight and strong membrane.
Crossover frequency 2200 / 12dB
Frequency Response 35 to 32000 Hz (-3 dB)
Speaker terminal Bi – Wiring / X change -2db /0db/+2bd/+4db
Nominal Impedance 6 ohm
Nominal Power Handling 85W rms
Peak Power Handling 255W rms
Sensitivity 2.83V/1M 92 dB
Dimension (HxWxD) 1100 x 222 x 400 mm
Weight 9.1 kg/piece