Project Description

Really powerful 12-inch sub-woofer with amplifier at full 650 watts. Despite this, it has a sleek design that easily blends into the living room.


Fastest and most accurate bass for music and film may be generally always with a sealed enclosure. However, it takes a powerful amp, a good woofer and a very well-built cabinet for it to be good. This is exactly what Dynavoice has equipped Thunder T-12. The cabinet is constructed of full 45 mm MDF in the front and 30mm MDF sides. Not only that, it has also had a severe internal bracing of 25 mm, in order to minimize vibration and make the cabinet so rigidly as possible. Although measuring only 40 cm cube so naturally reflect on the weight when something is well built, almost 28 kg weighs Thunder T-12. We recommend that you are two people when lifting the sub-woofer.

Base Element

For providing a fast and powerful bass, so much energy has been spent on the base member. It has been equipped with Fat boy-suspension and dual dampers to be really stiff and durable. Both the cone and voice coil is made of aluminum. The chassis is completely cast aluminum and very stability, it is, after all, be able to withstand and the impact from 650 Watts Class D output stage.

How does it sound?

Short, it sounds really good, with so much force that it is enough and to spare for the vast majority. It simply sounds so good that we do not think you can find a better bass for the money. Dock to turn base so rapidly and far because of Fat boy suspension to recommend that you remove the grille cloth when playing high music.


Class-D amplifier with 650 W RMS – Variable knob for volume – Variable knob for frequency mining – Variable dial phase – Power switch – Dual low-level input and output. – LFE input. – Very stable cabinet in MDF, with 45 mm front, 30 mm sides and 25 mm bracing in the middle.

Attribute Specification
Type Sub-woofer
Enclosure Construction Sealed box very stable cabinet with extra bracing
Element 12-inch bass drivers with aluminum cone and solid cast aluminum chassis
Share on frequency response 35-150 Hz
Max power 650W active Class-D amplifiers
R.M.S. continuous power 500 W
Dimension (HxWxD) 400 x 400 x 400 mm (without cloth grille power amplifier and spikes)
Weight 27.9 kg