Project Description

We extend the Magic EX Series with attractive, flat / angled, wall mounted speakers in Black / White-gloss finish.

Perfect timbre matching!

Dynavoice Magic LCR-4 EX is designed for you to be able to have the same speakers all around you – as front, center and surround speakers. Not only do you get a very neat system that takes up little space, but you also get the best possible sound match.


The LCR-4 EX, not only has stylish design, it now also has a better stylish exterior. Instead cloth grille, spiggar used hidden magnets, used in the front speaker makes it only better.

When you unpack the speakers, look for Dynavoice mark on the side. Grille cloth is used to attach the label on the long side and short side. This allows you to choose where to put the mark, depending on how you set up your speakers.


Sound quality in Magic series is designed to be very smooth to listen to, but with a focus on hi-fi sound. Floor speakers are equipped with dual bass reflex port on the back, top and bottom of the speaker. From the beginning, one tube is plugged with bass reflex absorber for the best reliable sound, but if you want more features in the base, you can easily pick out the plug. All speakers in the series have the exact same Super Audio tweeter for best sound matching, so that no matter which speakers you choose to combine, they fit together.

Attribute Specification
Type Flat/angled
Construction End Cabinet. Extra fine gold plated terminal
Acoustical Loading Sealed infinite baffle
Tweeter Super audio 1 x 1" (25mm)
Bass/Mid-range 2*4" (101 mm) comprised with a paper cone
Frequency Response 50 to 32000 Hz (-3 dB)
Nominal Impedance 4 ohm
Nominal Power Handling 75W rms
Peak Power Handling 225W rms
Sensitivity 2.83V/1M 90 dB
Crossover 2200Hz 12 dB
Dimension (HxWxD) 350 x 180 x 115 mm
Weight 3.1 kg/piece